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About Us

Who is Physical Literacy for Life?

Physical Literacy for Life is a registered charitable organization focused on developing physical literacy throughout the lifespan in multiple settings and sectors.

Physical Literacy for Life is a charitable organization that evolved from the 60 Minute Kids’ Club to take on a broader mandate of physical literacy development throughout the lifespan in multiple settings. Physical Literacy for Life is proactively advancing physical literacy knowledge and implementation in the health, recreation, and education sectors in partnership with Sport for Life Society. Physical Literacy for Life believes that by focusing on the development of physical literacy, we can build leader capacity, share promising practices, enrich community systems, create the conditions for everyone to enjoy physical activity, and improve health outcomes.


Physical literacy enabling healthy, happy, and successful lives

We envision that the physical skills, confidence, and motivation through developing physical literacy will transform the lives of individuals and health of communities. Canadians will feel empowered to move, make healthy choices, enjoy life, and experience the self-efficacy needed to live successful lives. More info


Advance physical literacy through education and research

Physical Literacy for Life catalyzes change through education and research. We seek to make the public aware of the benefits, while striving for consistent support for research and activation of best practices to fuel the development of physical literacy. More info



  • Create public awareness and dialogue about the benefits of physical literacy.
  • Aggregate, share, and publish evidence based data.
  • Host educational events to share research and world leading practices.


  • Present the case to foundations, agencies, governments, and partners.
  • Foster relationships with partners, researchers, and practitioners.
  • Catalyze change with leaders from health, education, recreation, and sport.


  • Fund educational programs and initiatives.
  • Invest in evidence-based research and innovation.


Core values guiding Physical Literacy for Life:


Physical Literacy for Life works cooperatively with partner organizations, experts, researchers,and practitioners. We align with those who are passionate about equipping citizens for alifetime of health and well-being. We celebrate the success of our partners and stakeholders.


Physical Literacy for Life is dedicated to being better in everything we do. We support new
findings and methods that increase our knowledge in physical literacy. We are continually
learning, improving, and sharing best practices.


Physical Literacy for Life strives to develop physical literacy among all. We work to ensure that access is not limited by race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, geography, or whether you are new to Canada. We remove barriers so that everyone can participate, grow, and learn.


Physical Literacy for Life manages its affairs with accountability and transparency to funders and partners. We manage our affairs honestly, remain true to our beliefs, and consistently align our words and actions. We are determined to walk our talk.

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